This is how we work

Agood relation between owner and dog is very important. The basic principle of this method a Mutual respect and clear communication between owner and dog.

During the course we learn you how your dog learns and communicates.

Errors are prevented and undesirable behavior is converted into desired behavior.

Desired behavior is rewarded.

The method should be easily doable for most owners.

The method should be easily doable for most dogs.

The method may not cause aggression.

The method may not cause anxiety.

The method has a step by step structure.

The method is always adapted to the combination


Dogs must have had the vaccinations that apply to their age and need to be repeated in time. Please submit the vaccination certificate at registration.

The dogs have a non-slippable collar or harness, with a leash of about 1.20 meters (no flex line). Other materials are not allowed.

During the course, you need the following materials:

 - Sufficient reward biscuits

 - A sturdy toy, which can be easily held with a thug game.

Children are welcome. If they are under the age of 12, they can't train with the dog (in the course will be clear why this is). For children aged between 12 and 16 years, this is at the discretion of the instructor.

You register for a course and not for 10 classes. (Whether this should be expressly agreed otherwise). That is to say that missed lessons can not be rescheduled or refunded. In the event that, due to force majeure, a long time can not attend, we will work with you to try to reach a settlement.

The course fee must be paid to the second lesson.

You clean up the feces of your dog always yourself and deposit it in the appropriate green bins.

If you can't join a session? Report it on time to your instructor..

Each student is in class responsible for their own dog.

Ill dogs and / or female dogs in heat can't take part in the training. Obviously the owner is welcome, but without the dog..

Dogs stay on their leash on the property unless indicated otherwise by the instructor.Keep your distance between an other dog. Not every dog likes contact

Our location is a petting zoo, keep your dog near you because of the presence of other animals like ducks and chickens