Welcome to dog training center Hondenschool Bollenstreek

We offer all kind of training possibilities where you and your dog can participate in. For both puppies and adult dogs:

Do you just have a new pup or adult in your family and do you want to learn him/her the basic commands?

Are you looking for extra help because your dog pulls on the leash or your dog never comes back to you after you put him/her of the leash?

Are you looking for a new challenge with your dog like fetching or hoopers?

Do you encounter some problems and you need councelling by a professional, licened dog behavior therapist?


Hondenschool Bollenstreek can help you with that.


In The Netherlands, everyone can be a dog trainer, you don't need be educated for that proffesion. We only work with certified trainers, who are retrained a couple times a year.

We train every Saturday between 9 am and 2 pm and lasts an hour. The course is 10 weeks. It costs €120,-  For the course it's necessary that you at least understand Dutch. If you don't understand Dutch, no problem, we can provide a instructor that will assist you personally. The costs for the extra instructor will be in consultation with the course leaders.

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Dog behavior therapy

Two of our instructors are also licened dog behavior therapist. Who can help you extra if you encounter problems. Not all problems can be solved on the dog school. For some problems we need to look at the problem at your home.

Aggresive behavior (biting, growling)

Problems between owner and dog

Problems between children and dog

Problems between dogs in the same family

Problems between dog and strangers


The dog can't stay alone at home

The dog has problems being house trained

The dog demolish stuff

Defending bones, food, humans, animals or objects

Chasing runners, bicycles etc

A counsil by our behavior therapist costs € 120,-. An consult via email or a consult via telephone is not possible. Problems can most of the time only be solved by studying the behavior and the body language of the dog and after preforming some tests. Off course you can contact us without any costs for advise at +31624342258 or fill in our contact form.

Hondenschool Bollenstreek

Phone: 0624342258


Course timetable:

Saturday morning from  am

(courses will last an hour and start every hour)

Behavior therapy will be placed on site and by appointment.


Leidsevaart 2a

2161 AR Lisse